David Suchet Announces the End is Near for his Portrayal of Hercule Poirot

David Suchet is considered by many to be THE Hercule Poirot. Many have played the strange Belgian with the little grey cells, but few none have nailed Agatha Christie’s detective like Suchet has.

Now the British actor has announced that the next series of specials will be his last and that it will end with Poirot’s passing. That event occurs in CURTAIN, with Poirot dying of heart problems.

Suchet has played Poirot for over 20 years and, in the end, will have done every Christie novel that features the Belgian.

Recently, the actor talked about the challenges of playing HP:‘I always find him challenging, a difficult glove to fit into. Sometimes it’s been four years between Poirots and it’s difficult because I don’t speak like him or walk like him’.

His final performances will be Labours of Hercules, Dead Man’s Folly, The Big Four, Elephants Can Remember and Curtain.