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DC Classics Library – Justice League of America by George Perez

DC Classics Library
Justice League of America by George Perez
DC Comics

This is volume one of the collected Perez drawn Justice League. Perez wrote an intro for it in which he talks about how much fun he had doing it. I know I had fun reading it when it first came out and I loved seeing it all again. It was strangely fitting that it was waiting in my mail for me when I returned from Chicago Comic Con. I got a chance to meet George, briefly, but I was able to tell him I was a big fan and thanked him for hours of enjoyment.

And I wasn’t just being nice. Perez is one of those artists who seems to thrive when challenged and I think that’s why he excels at team books and books with a lot of characters in them. He also has a great eye for detail in the background that adds depth to every scene he draws.

What is also fun about these tales is that there doesn’t seem to be the dark cloud over the team. They actually seem to have some fun. A big part of that is because of the wonderful story telling of Gerry Conway. He and Perez together managed to create a really fun period for the group in which all characters were important and there was no doubt that they were fighting the good fight.

This is just another in this wonderful set DC Comics Classics Library collection that is a must own for DC fans.