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DC – Crisis On Multiple Earths Volume 4

I looked forward to the teamup the Justice League had every summer. I was introduced to the Justice Society through them and I loved seeing all the heroes grouping up to fight some major menace. With Volume four of these books the team ups start to expand to include more than just the JSA. The first story brings in two of the writers from earth prime, Cary Bates who goes a bit nuts and becomes a bad guy and Elliot S! Maggin who tries to help the heroes stop his co worker. The second story brings in Earh S, home of Shazam and his fellow heroes from Fawcett that DC had aquired. While I always thought Captain Marvel was a bit lame on his own, here it was actually fun reading. The third and final teamup puts the JLA and the JSA together in the future with the Legion to battle Mordru.

The art chores for all three stories was handled byy Dick Dillan who did an admirable job drawing the large casts. The writing was handled by such legends as Cary Bates, E. Nelson Bridwell, Paul Levitz, Elliot S! Maggin and Matin Pasko.

This is a nice collection for a number of reasons. The Legion before the revamping started was always entertaining, and seeing Captain Marvel with the mainstream DC heroes showed that he ould be taken seriously. Besides this, seeing Cary Bates as a Supervillian was a laugh riot.

Volume four works as a great reminder of how fun comics were before they all got dark and this is a great way to read them.