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DC – JLA – World Without a Justice League

In my history of reading comics I’ve never gone long with out a Jutice League of one sort or another. I was not a big fan of the “Detroit League”, full of second rate heroes who had no other homes, and while the Bwaa ha ha League was fun and well written it wasn’t the League I loved. The JLA that has just disbanded during the Infinite Crisis has been one of my favorites. Big stories and character development working together with just enough comic relief. With the impending revamp of the DC Universe it was invitable that the JLA would make some changes, and disbanding the current group seems appropriate.

The story in this trade collection opens with a meeting of heroes and an official disbanding of the group. With the recent history of distrust with in the JLA this is hardly a shock. Too bad no mentioned the disbanding to The Key. After escaping Arkham he wants revenge, of course, and he wants to make his own troubles stop. Remnants of heroes are team up, not by choice, but more sheer need to bring him down in a last hurrah. Most predominant in the fighting is Green Arrow, stange because he has never been the JLA’s biggest supporter, though it is obvious that he wants the Leage together.

Bob Harras did a great job of closing off this chapter of the Justice League. And comics being comics, we no people usually don’t stay dead, and that is true of the groups as well.

Coming soon, and all new League. And from the prelimnary art, it looks like that buzz I got reading Justice League as a youngster will be coming back.