November 3rd, 2013
Grant Morrison, et. Al

Back in 1999 DC did a crossover event that took our heroes and shot them forward in time to the 853rd century. Written mainly by Grant Morrison with Mark Millar, Mark Waid, Ron Marz, Garth Ennis, James Robinson and Geoff Johns shows us that while some things change, some never do. Now instead keeping Earth safe the descendants of our heroes
keep the galaxy safe.

This book has everything I love in comics going for it. There are characters I know and love, variations on these characters, wonderful far spreading tales, glorious art. The story opens with representatives from the Justice Legion A going back in time to ask the original heroes
to journey to the future to help celebrate an appearance of the original Superman who has been secluded away for some time. While in the future they need to perform tasks which will entertain. All the heroes agree except Batman. He can’t be bothered, he’s got things to do in his own time. Anticipating this, future Batman tricks him and sends him anyway.

What happens from here is the usual big battles and mystery, all underscored by a plot of Vandal Savage bringing bad guys to help him get control of everything. What makes this so much fun is the look into the future. It’s not always bright and sunny, but it is hopeful. This is wonderful reading and this kind of story I think is what DC does best. I loved every page.

The original trade collection collected 9 issues, this one comes in with THIRTY EIGHT issues, in hardcover. It also weighs 6 ½ pounds, so this is not a book you’ll be reading in bed, though you’ll want to stay up and keep reading so that works out just fine.