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DC Universe Halloween 2008

This special edition is Written by Mark Verheiden, Mike Johnson, Brian Reed and others; Art by Trevor Hairsine, Duncan Rouleau and others; Cover by Gene Ha. It weighs in at 80 pages with a $5.99 cover price

The book is hosted by Ralph Dibney and his wife Sue. The Elongated Man and his spouse are now a fun ghostly couple that wonder the DC Universe and I get a kick out of seeing them like this. Each of the stories obviously has a Halloween bent. The writing is top notch in each and it is a nice collection of scary tales. Books like this tend to use new talent for part or all of the work. There are some familiar names in here, including one of my new favorites, Darick Robertson (The Boys).

The first story is a Superman yarn about a ghostly reporter in the Daily Planet. Fun and some nice nostalgia thrown in here and there. I also enjoyed the various Batman related stories, in particular the retelling of the legend Of Sleepy Hollow with the Scarecrow.
This is a fun holiday book and one I plan to re read each year.