DEAD HEAT – Retro DVD Review

DVD cover of bad movie

Back in 1988 I was building up a VHS tape collection which would eventually top off at almost 2000 tapes. I bought them new, used and from all sorts of places. I was working a lot and had money to blow and like the idea of a vast movie library. I originally picked up a copy of this movie used, probably at blockbuster. I recently ran across it on DVD for cheap, I think less than $5 and having fond memories of the film thought it would be fun to see again.

I should have remembered that back in 1988 I was drinking a lot.

It’s a pretty simple plot which is good because it’s a pretty simple movie. Two guys hold up a jewelry store and when the cops show up the bad guys can’t be killed. Turns out the had been resurrected by a corporation trying to extend life for rich folks. Treat Williams and Joe Piscopo are the detectives searching for answers. In this case it means going to maybe three places during the course of which they have about ten gun battles and blow up a lot of stuff. During this Williams, Detective Roger Mortis (Rigor mortise?)  is killed and brought back, soon all sorts of dead folks are chasing each other around and blowing up more stuff.

The story is simplistic beyond belief and things that deemed funny to me back in the late 80s were really lame. Joe Piscopo was basically there to show off buff arms and throw lame one liners, and badly. There was a brief minute with Vincent Price giving a speech that was fun, but wow, the rest of this sucker is really a turkey. Not sure if it wanted to be horror show , cop/buddy flick or action thriller it fails on all levels.

A young Treat Williams looking a little worse towards the end of the movie.

It was nice to see a young Treat Williams. Strangely the extra features are better than on some movies I’ve bought recently, trailers, making of, deleted scenes and even a script. Don’t buy this. Do Not Buy This. Nut if you can catch it on netflicks or something it might be worth 0 minutes of your time if you have a bottle of vodka near by.