DESTROYER creator Warren Murphy offers up his thoughts on the planned film.

Last week, I mentioned that there were plans to put Remo Williams back on the big screen.

Williams is the main character in the Destroyer novels. A series of over 150 books that was created by Warren Murphy and Richard Sapir.

I thought I would check with Warren and see what he thinks of the potential relaunch of Williams.

“i’d just like to see the movie done right. the destroyer and the adventures of remo and chiun are totally iconoclastic, as far removed from political correctness as it’s possible to get, and has always prided itself on being an equal opportunity offender. the original movie with fred ward and joel grey, while technically pleasant, did none of those things well, and seemed instead like an application to get on jane fonda’s party invitation a-list. also i’d like to see the major myth that dick sapir and i simonized for all those years — namely the brash young westerner trained in the secret arts by an inscrutable old oriental (and which, in passing, became one of the great story staples of h’wood story-telling for the last quarter-century) — be the backbone of the film.

tall order, i know. but the guys working on this are good and i believe they can pull it off. i imagine that, along the way, they might ask my opinion and as is my custom, i will give it. and as for remo returning to the big screen “in today’s world” — good god, we need him now more than ever. i just hope that everyone who is involved in this realizes that it is neither by accident, nor chance, that every spiderman movie ends with spidey wrapped in an american flag.”

If the movie does well, it is likely that Mr. Murphy would once again bring Remo to the printed page.