DEXTER: Season 8 to be the last

What most suspected appears to have been confirmed: season eight of DEXTER will be the final one.

This news came from CBS Corp. President and CEO Les Moonves on Monday. Moonves was speaking during the 2013 dbAccess Media & Telecom Conference and said the upcoming season would be the last.

Showtime execs have been quite vague about the end of Dexter Morgan, serial killer of killers.

Looking back, few expected the series to last this long. How do you establish a fan base for a serial killer? Kudos to actor Michael C Hall for fleshing out Dexter and connecting with viewers. I was hooked right off the bat, but wandered away around season 4. Season 6 kicked my ass and the seventh turned up the heat more than a little. Even as the seventh season began, there were rumors that the end was coming.

Season eight begins on June 30th.