DiCaprio is Travis McGee?

Here we go again:
Last summer, it looked like John D MacDonald’s THE DEEP BLUE GOODBYE was back on track to becoming a movie. Then things died down and the project stared to, on again, collect dust.

Now the Hollywood machinery, in this case Fox, has started back up and it looks like Leonardo DiCaprio will be playing TDBG’s Travis McGee.

For you heathens that are not familiar with the Mcgee series, Travis is a former navy man that lives on a houseboard (the Busted Flush) and acts as a “salvage consultant” and helps folks out for a large fee. He is described as a “knight in slightly tarnished armor” and usually ended up aiding a lovely lady.

TDBG was publshed in 1964 and was the first of 21 books to featuring McGee. It seems certain that Fox is hoping this will become a new franchise. Travis McGee hit the silver screen in 1970 when Rod Taylor played him in Darker than Amber. In 1983, a telefilm (based on The Empty Copper Sea) was made, for ABC, with Sam Elliot as McGee.

I simply can’t see Leo as Travis McGee. Not in the slightest. I will give him credit for developing some serious acting skills, but in way does he fit the bill. Too young, too small. I love the series and have issues with them reimagining the character. Sam Elliot was actually in line with how I see McGee.

The writer is Dana Stevens, who wrote CITY OF ANGELS and FOR THE LOVE OF THE GAME as well as having been a writer/producer for the television series WHAT ABOUT BRIAN. I never saw WHAT ABOUT BRIAN, but neither film exactly rocked my world.

It is not known whether or not previously attached Gary Fleder (RUNAWAY JURY, KISS THE GIRLS) is still on board. My guess is no.

POST NOTE: Lee and I were talking this afternoon about the casting of Travis McGee, tossing various names about. Lee came up with one that I think could be brilliant: Viggo Mortensen. As soon as he said it, I could instantly see Vig sitting on the Busted Flush, scruffy, lean and tan.

I am curious as to who others think would be good.