DIE HARD V coming…why?

By now, almost everyone has heard that there will be a fifth DIE HARD movie. The title is A Good Day To Die Hard…I am guessing the film will suck as much as that title. Let us be honest, did anyone actually enjoy DIE HARD IV? Worldwide, these films still do well, but the last two did not actually make money in the U.S. The box office just covered the budget, but add the marketing and whatnot and they were not successful.

And can does anyone really think that John can stumble across terrorists these days? After all he has done, any terrorist with a brain would simply leave town when they saw John McClane coming? In addition to this, Bruce also has two other sequels (G.I. JOE 2, THE EXPENDABLES 2) as well as a video game adaptation (KANE & LYNCH) coming up.

I will say that I am looking forward to seeing Bruce in LOOPERS, Rian Johnson’s next film.