Director’s cut of Zodiac coming in January.

Paramount Home Entertainment has announced they will be releasing a two DVD director’s cut of Zodiac on January 8th.

I must confess I am very interested in seeing this. I really have mixed feelings about Zodiac. While I think the acting is top notch and the film is very well directed, I felt more could have been done to show us the impact of the killings on those involved. Gyllenhall’s character’s obsession with the case costs him his wife and children as well as his job. I would have liked to have seen them play around a little more with how/why he became so fixated on this case.

We will get to see the film how David Filcher (Seven, Panic Room) wanted it to be seen.
Extras include:
*Two commentary tracks, one by Director David Fincher and one with Jake Gyllenhall, Robert Downey Jr., Producer Brad Fischer, James Vanderbilt and James Ellroy
*Zodiac Deciphered
*The Visual Effects of Zodiac
*Digital Workflow
*Sequence Breakdowns:
Blue Rock Springs
Lake Berryessa
*San FranciscoTrailers and TV spots
*The Facts:
This is the Zodiac Speaking
Lake Herman Road
Blue Rock Springs
Lake Berryessa
San Francisco
*Prime Suspect:
His Name Was Arthur Leigh Allen
Linguistic Analysis
*Jeopardy Surface: Geographic Profiling (6:30)
*Dr. Kim Rossmo’s Geographic Profile of the Zodiac (text)
*The Psychology of Aggression: Behavioral Profiling (5:30)
*Special Agent Sharon Pagaling-Hagan’s Behavioral Profile of the Zodiac (text)