Doin Nuthin’ – and doin’ it well

This weekend consisted of my doing not much of anything.

Ruth worked in the garden, I read comics.

I read a whole lot of X-Men comics.

X-Men dating back to the days when they only had 1 title on the stands, The Uncanny X-Men. Now of course there are about thirty seven different x-titles out there for our consumption, but the originals are still classics. I picked up and started at about issue 101 and read whatever I had up to about 400. Not being a collector anymore I have some gaps, but it was still very relaxing. I think Professor X died and came back about three times. Magneto also died and came back quite a bit. But I love X-Men comics. Wolverine in particular. I liked him back before he had his own comic.

The reason for this reading binge? Next weekend I do the layout on the next Crimespree, so I need a clear head. And comics really cleanse my pallet. Now I can jump in and finish off the few more books to review with a clear head and get to it.