Dollhouse – the new Joss Whedon show

Is Fox taking a gamble on another Joss Whendon show? It doesn’t seem like much of a gamble. While his previous show Fire fly fizzled it has a huge cult following and enough interest to get a movie made. His Buffy franchise, including the Angel Spin off were hits. He’s also made a splash writing comics.

DOLLHOUSE is ready to be a hit.

So lets look at the show. Big corporation wipes peoples minds clean and reprograms them, selling services to people with the cash to pay.

A little like Le Femme Nikita in that our heroine is given a way out of trouble, here it’s work for the company that wipes the mind , five years service.

The premise offers a lot of possibilities for stories, that’s good. It is also loaded with recognizable TV actors and actresses.

Eliza Dushku (Buffy, Angel) as Echo. Shes our focus, the hero of the story.
Tahmoh Penikett (Battlestar Galactica) is FBI Agent Paul Ballard tracking down the dollhouse.
Reed Diamond (Homicide) is the securtiy chief.
Also starring are :
Olivia Williams ,Fran Kranz, Harry Lennix and others.

The opening episode has Echo being programmed to help recover a girl taken in a kidnapping. No jusitce, just recovery. It wwas a good opener, it shows the characters and helps establish early on who to root for. There is obvously a lot of back story to unfold but it promises to be interesteing. FBI agent tracking the Dollhouse, Someone track Echo, and willing to kill to do it. The People running the Dollhouse seem a bit ambivalent about doiong the right thing, but the handler for Echo , an ex cop seems conflicted.

I liked it and will watch more. I think this will be great on disc so I can watch it all in just a few sittings uninterpted.
I also applaud Fox for running fewer commercials during the show.