Don Cheadle: Tishomingo Blues is dead.

In an interview with, Don Cheadle declared that his planned directorial debut, Elmore Leonard’s Tishomingo Blues, is dead.

CS: And what’s going on with “Tishomingo Blues”?
Cheadle: “Tishomingo” is dead… (illustrates by shooting a fake gun into the floor) BANG! BANG!

The plan was for Cheadle to both star, along with Matthew McConaughey, as well as direct it.

Tishomingo Blues is about a daredevil that witnesses a mob hit, a detroit con man looking to take on the “cornbread Cosa Nostra” and features the usual crazy cast of supporting characters that accompanies any tale of Mr. Leonard’s.

Perhaps this is just as well. While I was looking forward to seeing what Mr. Cheadle did with TB, McConaughey makes me itch.