Don Winslow signs deal with Knopf

The film site Deadline is reporting that Don Winslow has left Simon & Schuster and is returning to Knopf. Winslow spent most of his career with Knopf, leaving to pen SAVAGES and KINGS OF COOL for S&S.

According to the article, his first book under the new deal will be a sequel for 2005’s THE POWER OF THE DOG. The new book will pick up where POTD left off. Don expressed his happiness at reuniting with Knopf publisher Sonny Medta:

“I’m so glad to be back at Knopf with my mentor and friend Sonny Mehta,” Winslow said. “I remember sitting all night at the kitchen table in his place in New York editing The Power Of The Dog. He had these detailed notes written in pencil in the margins and we discussed, debated and argued until we had a book. And I recall walking home when the street sweepers were out thinking that this was one of those rare, prime moments in a writer’s career.”

I think TPOTD was Don’s most ambitious work, but not his best. It is a massive book that takes on the war on drugs, a daunting task. Winslow does as good a job as anyone could, but it felt like some things got lost along the way. That said, Don’s ok is still better that the best from most. I look forward to the return of Art Montana, the protagonist of Dog.