Don Winslow to write sequel to THE CARTEL

After surviving two grueling journeys into the world of drugs and cartels behind them, Don Winslow is going back for more. On Twitter, Winslow announced he had started work on it:

I’ve begun work on a Cartel Part III

As The Cartel hits paperback this week along with a new Power of the Dog, I thought I might mention it


The CARTEL, which won the L.A. Book Prize and T. Jefferson Parker Award, was the follow up to 2005’s POWER OF THE DOG. Those two books featured DEA agent Art Keller and cartel kingpin Adán Barrera. For the last ten plus years, Don has been closely following the drug trade, keeping a detail timeline, so it is not that surprising that he has made the choice to keep his feet in that pool, so to speak.

There is no title or time table for a release, it might not even be Don’s next completed book.   Back in March, it was announced that Don would team with director Michael Mann  and write novel based on the relationship between legendary organized crime bosses Tony Accord and Sam Giancan for Mann’s new Michael Mann Books.