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Donate money to help complete DRIVEN

So a number of days ago, I blogged about a planned documentary about Jens Pulver, an MMA fighter.

The director needs to raise another $25,000 to complete the film and is looking for donations.

You can donate anywhere from $1 – $10,000, and depending on how much you donate, you will be rewarded. For instance:

-$10+ = an exclusive look at the film prior to release via private online screening room.

-$25+ = receive the above and a pre-release special edition DVD of the film signed by Jens Pulver.

-$100 = receive all the above and the chance to submit a video with the theme of “What I am fighting for” that
will be edited into a mash-up that will end-up on the DVD and posted on the film’s official website.

-$250 = receive all of the above, the chance to be a part of the film’s first test audience and your name in the “special thanks” credits.

-$2,500+ = receive all of the above, get flown out to Boise, Idaho with Jens and Gregory Bayne (the film’s director), watch a private screening of the film followed by a catered dinner at Jens’ training center, as well as having your name in the “very special thanks” credits.

-$10,000 = all of the above, flown out to attend the film premiere and after party and be listed as an “associated producer” in the film’s credits.

“These funds will be used to secure the gear we need for production (additional HD Camera, lighting, and sound recording equipment), and to hire an additional cameraman and sound mixer, as well as to cover insurance costs, and all the costs of (transportation, lodging, etc.) associated with bringing the crew to the fight in Ohio, and our continuing production after the fight.”


Lend a hand and make this happen!