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Don’t call me stupid

I’ve been letting something build up a bit inside me and I think it’s abot time to let it it out.

I’m tired of being treated like a moron by advertisers and politicians and other people forcing things on us. Commercials are making me crazy! And I’m tired of being talked at instead of spoken to.

Miller has an ad for a beer with 64 calories (the fact that it has no tase is insult enough). in the various ads a waiter will come by and give someone a bottle of this water they call beer. The second party get what they ordered in a screwed up looking glass. A wine glass cut in on the sides, a half beer mug, whatever. And the waiter will say here’s your Miller 64 and here’s 64 calories of your whatever. This is followed by a smug look.
Who the Hell orders 64 calories worth of wine? No one. These beers try to make you feel bad for ordering something besides a crappy beer by insulting you.
Bite Me Miller Brewery.

Watching various food shows mean seeing cable TV ads. I can’t believe anyone watches any of these the Real Housewives of (insert city here) shows. Really? Rich women who are pampered screaming and yelling and acting high school kids is what people want? I know I feel better about busting my hump to pay bills when I see these women act like bitches.

Julia Louise Dreyfus is doing food ads for some diet brand. Her agent keeps going against her wishes and tricking her. I don’t think so. She may not be on Seifeld anymore but she’s still a star and she wouldn’t put up with it. The whole commercial is an insult to intelligence.

ATT’s roll over minutes…. The kid telling Mom he threw away his minutes bcause they were old. Sorry kid, you are too stupid to have a phone at all. And I’m not going to get their dam cell service because I find it insulting.

The commercials for Microsoft’s Big Search…. Oh my God. All these people babbling and talking at once. If some thing makes me run for a remote and mute button I am pretty sure I won’t be using the product.

Spraying Fabreeze does not clean a room.

Plugging a odor device into the wall or using batteries instead of a candle? Really?

Some other minor annoyances:
I don’t want a bagger at the grocery store to give me attitude if I want to bag my own groceries.

I don’t meed McAfee giving pop up windows every hour to remind me to update my damn program. It stops if you update. Really computer help geek? How about I update when I damn want to? In fact I don’t want anything to update automatically.

I don’t have a cell phone and I don’t text. Guess what I still feel connected.

Mailing me a letter or pamphlet about being green… Really? Nice way to save trees.

I don’t need a commercial or ad to tell me what drugs I need, that’s why I have a doctor.

I know one thing for sure about health care, I want the plan my senator has.

If you didn’t vote, you don’t get to complain, about anything!

TV weather people, it’s just a thunder storm. Stop interrupting my television shows to tell me it’s raining!

If you want to sell me something, or get me to use a product, don’t talk down to me.

I want to hear it!

In other news, it was a nice day outside
and I love all my friends and family!