DVD Info: Art, info for season two of Intelligence.

I have heard from a decent number of folks (Some of which purchased it through the link…thanks!) took my advice and picked up season one of Intelligence. Everyone of them have asked when more was coming.

Ask no more!

Acorn Media will be releasing season two on April 14th.
Information is the most addictive drug of all.

Winner of the Gemini for best drama and many other awards, this pulse-pounding series explores espionage in the international drug trade and beyond. The story centers around Jimmy Reardon (Ian Tracey), a Vancouver drug lord trying to go legit, and Mary Spalding (Klea Scott), the head of the Canadian intelligence service for the Pacific region. Although they work on opposite sides of the law, Reardon and Spalding form an uneasy undercover alliance to protect their turf from rivals inside and outside their organizations. All loyalties are negotiable in this high-stakes game, and the players use money, sex, drugs, and murder to secure the most powerful commodity of all—information.

Combining the crime family drama of The Sopranos with the sophisticated intrigue of The Wire, this critically acclaimed series spins a dark, daringly complex narrative web that ranks it among television’s best.

DVD FEATURES INCLUDE series creator Chris Haddock discussing Season 2, behind-the-scenes clips, Chris Haddock biography, character descriptions, cast filmographies, and more.

DVD 4-Vol. Boxed Set: 12 episodes; approx. 540 min.; 16:9 widescreen; color; stereo; drama
$59.99 U.S.

If you have not yet watched Intelligence, do yourself a favor and pick up season one. Fans of The Wire will love it.