DVD Info: Collector’s Edition of Casino Royale has another date.

I know I reported this previously, but there appears to be a release date for the Collector’s Edition of Casino Royale (The Daniel Craig version).
It will be released both on DVD (Three discs, MSRP $29.95) and Blu-ray (Two disc, $38.96) on October 21st.

This is coming from a reliable James bond website.

Extras will include:
Becoming Bond documentary
James Bond: For Real Documentary
Bond Girls are Forever (2006)
Chris Cornell Music Video
The Road to Casino Royale
Crew Commentary
Deleted Scenes
Paying Taxes
Rescue & Recovery
Old Boyfriend?
James Bond in the Bahamas
The Art of the Freerun
Death in Venice
Catching a Plane: From Storyboard to Screen
Filmmaker Profiles
Storyboard Sequence: Freerun Chase
Ian Fleming: The Secret Road to Paradise