DVD Info: Release date, bonus features announced for American Gangster.

Universal Studios Home Entertainment has announced the details for the DVD release of American Gangster.

There will be two different sets, one 2-disc & one 3-disc. Both will be released on Feb 19th, 2008.

“Inspired by a true story, American Gangster, the grippingly intense crime-thriller acclaimed by critics and audiences as one of the best films of 2007, will be available in two versions on the exclusive American Gangster 2-Disc Unrated Extended Edition DVD that includes both an unrated, extended movie with over 18 additional minutes and an alternate ending PLUS the original theatrical film. Academy Award® winners Denzel Washington and Russell Crowe portray one Harlem’s most notorious crime bosses and the outcast cop who pursues him, respectively, ultimately leading to a climactic confrontation that alters the destiny of an entire generation in New York City. Directed by Ridley Scott and produced by Brian Grazer and Scott, American Gangster boasts an all-star cast including Josh Brolin, Ruby Dee, Cuba Gooding, Jr., Chiwetel Ejiofor, Armand Assante, Carla Gugino, and popular rap artists Common, RZA and Tip “T.I.” Harris.”

Extras are as follows:

Disc 1
Unrated Extended Version – 18 additional minutes of never-before-seen footage and an alternate ending

Original Theatrical Version Including Commentary with Director Ridley Scott and Writer Steven Zaillian

Disc 2
Deleted Scenes– Including an alternate opening

Fallen Empire: Making American Gangster
*Tru Blu: The Real Story: An in-depth look at the true story that inspired the movie and the long road to developing the film. Featuring interviews with the former real-life Harlem crime boss Frank Lucas and now retired detective Richie Roberts
*Killer Threads: A look at how the world of the 1970’s was brought back to life
*Crime War: Follow production from the streets of NY to the jungles of Thailand
*Rhythm of the Streets: Look into the film’s music, featuring tracks such as “Do You Feel Me” performed by Anthony Hamilton
*Into the Arena: Ali vs. Frazier: Setting up the infamous Ali-Frazier fight

Case Files
*Setting Up the Takedown– Be on the set as Ridley Scott directs the climactic drug bust and watch this master director at work
*Script Meeting: A look into the production office where director Ridley Scott, writer Steven Zaillian, and detective Richie Roberts discuss the script and break down of the scenes.
*Drug Test: Ridley Scott receives information on the preparation of heroin from a New York detective

Both sets will have these features. The 3 disc set will also have:

Hip Hop Infusion- Featuring popular rap artists Common and Tip “T.I.” Harris discussing their roles

Music Videos:
*Do You Feel Me (Remix) Performed by Anthony Hamilton featuring Ghostface Killah
*Blue Magic From Jay-Z’s album “American Gangster”

BET Special- The Making of American Gangster

Dateline NBC: American Gangster First Look

Digital Copy of the Unrated Extended Movie For Your PC

The 2-disc set will have a SRP of $29.98 and the 3-disc will be $34.98.

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