DVD Releases for April 29th.

A Touch of Frost Season 13: Endangered Species (2006 — TV) David Jason $24.98. (MPI Home Video).

Award winning actor David Jason is back as maverick detective Jack Frost in this brand new story. Frost is called to investigate when a couple return from holiday to find the body of a complete stranger in their bed. He also becomes involved in a murder inquiry and uncovers a crime ring involved in the importing of endangered species and illegal animal goods.
The Adventures of Young Indiana Jones: Volume 3 (1993-95) Ten-disc set, Extras: Companion historical documentaries for each episode; 10th disc features interactive timeline, historical lecture: “New Gods for Old,” “Hunting for Treasure” interactive game; $117.99. (Paramount).
The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles was based on the Indiana Jones series of films. The series follows the Indiana Jones character (as a young boy and as a young man) as he was growing up and experiencing his early adventures, where he gets into trouble, learns life lessons and encounters various historical figures along the way. The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles was filmed on location all over the world ~ including England, Russia, Spain, Czechoslovakia, Kenya, France, India, China, Austria, Egypt, the United States, Morocco, Ireland, Italy, Africa, Turkey, Greece and Thailand.

This is being released to whet our whistles for the return of the grown-up Indiana Jones. AoYIJ is entertaining enough, but the real stars here are the extras. Each episode has engaging, well-made historical documentaries that both adults and children should enjoy. While the price tag may seem steep ($117.99), you are getting 10 discs with hours of viewing.

While certainly enjoyable for adults, these stories are great for kids as they are both entertaining and informative.
Diamond Dogs (2007) Dolph Lundgren. Action-adventure about a band of modern-day fortune seekers bent on unearthing a priceless Buddhist artifact. Extras: Making-of featurettes, digital copy of the film. (Sony).
Action superstar Dolph Lundgren (Missionary Man) propels this hard-hitting adventure as a guide hired to lead a band of treasure hunters to locate a priceless Buddhist artifact.

Xander Ronson (Lundgren), an ex-Special Forces officer, agrees to lead an obsessed fortune hunter and his men on a dangerous quest for a legendary relic, the Tangka Tapestry. But great dangers await from a gang of ruthless Russian mercenaries bent on stealing the fabled treasure and also from a deadly curse said to protect the incredibly valuable relic from tomb raiders.

First Knight Special Edition (1995) Dir.: Jerry Zucker; Sean Connery, Richard Gere, Julia Ormond, Ben Cross. Extras: Commentary with director Jerry Zucker and producer Hunt Lowry, Arthurian Legend commentary, “The Quest for Camelot” making-of featurette, “In Shining Armor” knights-in-training featurette, “The Creation of a Kingdom” production design featurette, deleted scenes, outtakes. Also available on Blu-ray Disc. (Sony)
Together, Sean Connery, Richard Gere, Julia Ormond (Legends of the Fall, Sabrina) and Jerry Zucker,the director of Ghost, bring you a new vision of King Arthur’s Camelot. A vision of breathtaking battles, of heart-pounding courage, of the undeniable love that brought an entire kingdom to its knees… and of the undying passion that made it live forever.

A novel twist on Camelot. Sean Connery is an aging King Arthur, Richard Gere is a…somewhat less aged Lancelot and Julia Ormond is a Guinevere that is noticeably younger than either one of them.
For me, a sword wielding Richard Gere is more amusing than engaging. Richie boy should stick to suits and high-priced call girls…that is a Pretty Woman comment; I am not suggesting that Richard Gere frequents high-priced call girls, what would be Charlie Sheen.

Read Miz Ruth’s thoughts on First Knight.

Intelligence, Season One
Four-disc set with 14 episodes of the Canadian crime drama series that tackles organized crime and the cops who keep tabs on it, $59.99. Extras: Behind-the-scenes clips, filmographies, more. (Acorn Media).
“Intelligence takes you deep inside the murky world of organized crime and the cops who keep tabs on it. As a dedicated father, respected businessman, and big-time drug smuggler, Jimmy Reardon (Ian Tracey) feels the heat from others muscling in on his territory. Mary Spalding (Klea Scott), the ruthlessly ambitious head of Vancouver’s Organized Crime Unit, fears her rivals in the intelligence community more than she fears criminals. Together, Jimmy and Mary form an uneasy alliance that threatens to undo them both. “
The producer of Da Vinci’s Inquest brings us this series about organized crime in Canada. It stars DVI veteran Ian Tracey. The series, quite sadly, only lasted two seasons. Read my review of season one.

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