DVD Releases for Feb 13th

Feb 13th
Mr. Moto Collection Volume 2 Four-disc set with four Mr. Moto films starring Peter Lorre: “Mr. Moto in Danger Island” (1939), “Mr. Moto’s Gamble” (1938), “Mr. Moto’s Last Warning” (1939) and “Think Fast, Mr. Moto” (1937); $59.98. Extras: Film restoration comparisons, “Mr. Moto Meets Mr. Chan: The Making of Mr. Moto’s Gamble,” “Mr. Moto’s Creator: The Late John P. Marquand.” (Fox).
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Peter Lorre is back in his one real heroic role as the wise and capable Mr. Moto. Fans of detective fiction should enjoy these films.

Randy will have a complete review for us in the next week.

The Departed (2005) Dir.: Martin Scorsese; Leonardo DiCaprio, Matt Damon, Jack Nicholson, Mark Wahlberg, Martin Sheen, Alec Baldwin. Two-disc set. $29.98 Extras: Additional scenes with introductions by Martin Scorsese, feature-length TCM profile “Scorsese on Scorsese,” “The Story of the Boston Mob”: the real-life gangster behind Jack Nicholson’s character, “Crossing Criminal Cultures”: how Little Italy’s crime and violence influence Scorsese’s work. (Warner).
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Martin Scorsesse’s latest crime thriller brings us a loaded cast with Nicholson, Damon, De Caprio and Baldwin. Mr. Scorsesse’s racking up the Best Director awards for this one, but all of those will mean diddly if the Academy snubs him again. See my complete review in the post prior to this.