DVD Releases for July 10th.

It would be a dead if not for the folks MGM, they are releasing four Noir flicks from the 40s and 50s. Three of which star Edward G. Robinson, including the Orson Wells directed The Stranger.

Bullet for Joey (1950) Edward G. Robinson, George Raft (MGM)
Raoul LeDuc (Ronison) is a Canadian inspector that is drawn into an investigation involving the kidnapping of atomic scientist named George Dolenz and the device he is working on.
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Kansas City Confidential (1952) John Payne, Coleen Gray (MGM)
A down-on-his-luck ex-GI finds himself framed for an armored car robbery. When he is finally released for lack of evidence –after having been beaten up and tortured by the police- He sets out to discover who set him up.
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The Stanger (1946) Dir: Orson Wells; Edward G. Robinson (MGM)
Mr. Wilson (Robsinson) pursues the stranger by the name of Charles Rankin (Orson Wells), who may or may not be an escaped Nazi, through a sleepy Connecticut town.
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Woman in the Window (1944) Dir: Fritz Lang; Edward G. Robinson (MGM)
Professor Richard Wanley (Ronbinson) is a middle aged man that is bored with how life is treating him. This boredom is about to disappear as he and his friends become obsessed with the portrait of a woman in a shop window.
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Next week brings us the Joel Schumacher-directed The Number 23…I can hardly wait.
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