DVD releases for July 3rd

Very quiet day for DVDs. We got one title that might interest you folks:

Chancer – Series one Clive Owen Four disc-set with 13 episodes. $59.95 Extras: production photo gallery and cast filmographies. (Acorn Media)

Sacked from an investment bank after one dodgy deal too many, Stephen lands a job at Douglas Motors, a business distinguished by old-fashioned craftsmanship and plagued by decades of familial mismanagement. There he finds himself playing surrogate son to the family patriarch, confidant to the adulterous son-in-law, and lover to the beautiful but willful daughter. All the while, he fends off forays from his erstwhile boss (Leslie Phillips), a deliciously evil banker bent on recovering a bundle of swindled money. But, can Stephen keep his double-dealing past at bay?
In this complete first series, Chancer follows the fortunes of unforgettable characters pulled powerfully by love, sex, money, loyalty—and, ultimately, identity. A superb cast and slick production complement Owen’s first star turn. Original music composed by Grammy-winner Jan Hammer (Miami Vice).

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Next week: MGM/Fox will be releasing four noir flicks: Bullets for Joey, Kansas City Confidential, The Stranger and Woman in the Window.

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