DVD Releases for Sept 2nd

Boomerang! (1947) Director Elia Kazan; Lee J. Cobb, Arthur Kennedy, Dana Andrews, Jane Wyatt, Cara Williams, Sam Levene, Ed Begley, Karl Malden. Extras: Commentary by film noir historians Alain Silver and James Ursini, poster and unit photography gallery. (Fox).

Director Elia Kazan won critical acclaim for this vividly portrayed, suspenseful 1947 true crime drama set in Connecticut, where the events actually happened. When a beloved priest is gunned down, the local police chief (Lee J. Cobb) is under enormous pressure to find his murderer, and, based only on vague descriptions, he undertakes a massive manhunt, eventually arriving at both a suspect (Arthur Kennedy) and a confession. But the state’s attorney (Dana Andrews) is determined to convict only if it’s right to do so.? Also starring Jane Wyatt, Cara Williams, Sam Levene, Ed Begley and Karl Malden, Boomerang is gripping noir entertainment from start to finish.

Bright Lights, Big City 20th Anniversary Edition (1988) Michael J. Fox, Kiefer Sutherland, Phoebe Cates, Dianne Wiest, Jason Robards. Extras: Commentary by author-screenwriter Jay Mcinerney, commentary by cinematographer Gordon Willis, “The Light Within” featurette, “Big City Lights” featurette. (MGM)

Michael J. Fox “couldn’t be better” (Los Angeles Times) as Jamie Conway, an aspiring writer who abandons the wheat fields of Kansas for the skyline of Manhattan – and the city’s seductive party subculture. Hitting the clubs night after night, Jamie soon spins out of control, and he risks losing everything – and everyone — he loves. Co-starrring Kiefer Sutherland, Dianne Wiest, Phoebe Cates and Swoosie Kurtz, and with its pulsating soundtrack from New Order, Depeche Mode and Prince, this “chronicle of wasted days and misplaced nights” (Roger Ebert) is a must-own!



Eli Stone: The Complete First Season (2008) Jonny Lee Miller, Natasha Henstridge, Loretta Devine, Matt Letscher. Four-disc set with 13 episodes, $39.99. Extras: Featurette on the creation of the show, visual effects featurette, extended pilot episode, bloopers, more. (Disney).

The jury’s still out on whether San Francisco attorney Eli Stone is a modern day prophet or simply suffering from a brain aneurysm that causes wild hallucinations. Judged by audiences and critics alike to be one of the quirkiest, most original comedic dramas on television, Eli Stone: The Complete First Season includes all 13 surprising and inspiring one-hour episodes of the show that proves it’s never too late to be one of the good guys.

A corporate litigator with a reputation for ruthlessness, Eli Stone is transformed from ambitious go-getter to reluctant do-gooder when a vision of George Michael singing “Faith” inspires him to re-examine his life. At first, skeptical of his powers of prophecy, his visions eventually remind him of the destiny his father once predicted for him: “You’re going to help people.”


Moontide (1942) Jean Gabin, Ida Lupino, Thomas Mitchell, Claude Rains. Restored and remastered. Extras: Commentary by Foster Hirsch, author of “The Dark Side of the Screen: Film Noir”; ” Turning of the Tide: The Ill-Starred Making of Moontide” featurette; still galleries: behind the scenes, concept art and poster gallery, glamour shots, production stills. (Fox)

In his first U.S. on-screen performance, acclaimed French actor Jean Gabin plays Bobo, a free-spirited wanderer who docks in a Pacific seaside town with his buddy Tiny (Thomas Mitchell), a sponge who wants to leave. After a night of drunken debauchery, Bobo awakens on a strange barge wearing the cap of a dead man. Afraid he has committed the crime, Bobo prepares to skip town with Tiny but is delayed when he meets Anna (Ida Lupino) who he rescues from drowning herself in the surf. They fall in love and open a business together selling bait. Jealous and desperate to leave, Tiny attempts to ruin the relationship and when Anna learns that Tiny has been keeping a dark secret, it’s clear only one of them will survive.
Road House (1948) Dir.: Jean Negulesco; Ida Lupino, Cornell Wilde, Ruchard Widmark, Celeste Holm. Restored and remastered. Extras: Commentary by film historians Kim Morgan and Eddie Muller, “Killer Instincts: Richard Widmark and Ida Lupino at 20th Century Fox” featurette, interactive pressbook, still galleries: behind the scenes, glamour shots, lobby cards and poster art, production stills. (Fox).

Jefty Robbins (Richard Widmark) owns a road house near the Canadian Border which is managed by his playboy buddy Pete Morgan (Cornel Wilde) and cashier Susie Smith (Celeste Holm). After a trip to Chicago, Jefty brings back Lily Stevens (Ida Lupino), a chanteuse with whom he is obviously smitten. At first Pete is loathe to hire another one of Jefty’s girls but Lily proves her talent is worth the paycheck. When Jefty goes on a hunting trip with some pals and prepares to ask Lily to marry him, Pete and Lily share some intimate time together and realize they are in love. The news sends Jefty into a psychopathic tailspin. He devises a plan to frame Pete and manically begins a game of endless torture and brutality, making “the lovers suffer and suffer – until their cup of bitterness runs over” (Daily News)!

The Shield: The Complete Sixth Season Four-disc set with 10 episodes, $59.95. Extras:Three featurettes: “Saturn’s Sons,” “Two Directors” and “Full Circle: Franka Potente,” commentary on select episodes, deleted scenes. (Sony).

Continuing directly after season 5, Vic and the Strike Team are distraught over Lem’s death. Shane has been overcome by guilt and becomes reckless and suicidal. Kavanaugh refuses to let the case die and resorts to planting evidence and coercing witnesses to lie about the Strike Team. Dutch and Claudette begin to suspect his integrity. Vic learns from Claudette that the Chief plans to force him into early retirement — and vows to wreak bloody vengeance on Lem’s killer before losing his badge. Claudette learns that the Barn could be shut down if no improvements are made by the time quarterly crime statistics are released.