21 JUMP STREET: The Complete First Season

Mill Creek Entertainment
MSRP: $14.98
Release date: January 19, 2010

In 1987, Stephen J. Cannell (The Rockford Files, The A-Team, Hunter…) brought his talents to the upstart FOX television network, producing one of the network’s first bona fide hit series. 21 Jump Street centered on a small semi-secret group of cops who looked too young to be taken seriously on regular patrol, but who were perfect to go undercover fighting school crime.

All five seasons of Jump Street were previously released on DVD by Anchor Bay Entertainment between 2004-’06 but much of the music on these sets was replaced due to rights issues, and the cover photos were inaccurate. That said, the Anchor Bay sets featured cast and creator interviews, which this Mill Creek set does not. In fact, this set has no special features to speak of, and I’m not sure the original music has been restored. If you’re a fan of the show and were annoyed by the flaws of the Anchor Bay sets, or you can’t find the Anchor Bay sets to begin with, this $14.98 set is for you.

I have a soft spot for first seasons and vividly remember the episode where Capt. Fuller replaced Capt. Jenko. My only caveat about this set is it’s packaged in what appears to be the standard multi-hub DVD case, but the two DVDs (13 episodes) inside are actually in flimsy paper-and-cellophane sleeves. Still, it’s hard to argue with $14.98.

–Gerald So