DVD Review: An Affair In Trinidad

Sony Pictures Home Entertainment
Release date: September 23rd, 2008
MSRP: $19.94

Director:Vincent Sherman
Stars: Rita Hayworth, Glenn Ford, Alexander Scourby, Valerie Bettis, Torin Thatcher

I’m a Glenn Ford fan. Rita Hayworth, not so much. Columbis’s ‘Affair in Trinidad’ didn’t change that, nor much of anything else. It is a run of the mill thriller in the vein of ‘Notorious’ but not in the same class.

Ford, as Steve Emery, comes to the island on the strength of a letter from his brother Neil, only to find himself at an inquest that rules his brothers death a suicide. The Police don’t think so and engage Neil’s hottie wife (Rita) to snoop around the rich baddie Max (Alexander Scourby) to see what he’s up to and how it relates to her husbands demise. Of course she can’t tell Steve, who spends the film alternately yelling at her and apologizing. Not Fords’ finest performance.

There’s an unnamed government, rocket plans,! German accents (it was 1952 after all) and a drunken, catty woman, discovery, rescue and a brief but dandy gunfight.
This is not a bad film, it’s just all been done better. There are two Hayworth song and dance routines I found over long and tedious. Your mileage may vary.

The Martini Minutes specials consist of a receipe for the named libation, a brief blurb on half a dozen other films. and trailers.

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Lee Crawford
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