DVD Review: Battlestar Galactica season 3

Season three of this wonderful show had a longer wait for the release than the previous seasons did, but it was worth the wait. This season really amped things up a bit with the search for earth, some major confrontations with Cylons and also did a really nice job of adding to the mythology of the show.
Season two left us with a large number of the remnants of the colonies on a planet they were calling New Caprica and as the season ended we saw the Cylons arriving. The rescue of the people from the Cylons took up the first story arc, but it resonated through the rest of the season. The occupied planet had obvious parallels to the Nazi invasion of Europe with humans joining a police force working for the Cylons and people doing what they need to do to survive. There would later be trials and confrontations because of this.
While there is no “normal” for this group of humans wandering the stars things get back to what has become their routine. They continue their search and are ever moving forward.

This season had the wonderful writing as always expanding the characters and
filling in gaps of their pasts. We start to see changes in people as well. The humanoid Cylons start to be more than just killing machines and four new Cylons are revealed toward the end.

All in all a great season and wonderful viewing experience. The special features are very nice, behind the scenes features, and some extra stories that were originally aired on the web.

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