Bionic Woman: Volume one DVD review

The fact that this set is called volume one implies that there will be more, at least on DVD. From what I understand the show is dead on the air. Strangely they just had a huge debut in the UK.

Bionic Woman didn’t re-invent any wheels here. Some of the plot ideas and the character types are very familiar. Government type black ops, secret agents coerced into working with the group that saved their lives. Disgruntled ex-agents sabotaging things. But what makes this show watchable, even enjoyable if not taken to seriously is the people in the show. Jamie Summers is given bionic powers without consent and becomes and agent for the group that gave her the powers.

Jamie is played by Michelle Ryan who gives the show a fresh new face and not the typical skinny Hollywood type. Migeul Ferrer is her boss and is really great in the role, part hard ass part mentor. Also along for the ride are a partner to help her learn the ropes and a computer geek genius who helps Jamie when she’s in the field. Also an older woman who is a shrink. A lot of the cast seems very similar to the cast of La Femme Nikita.

Strangely, many guest roles are filled by actors on Battlestar Galactica, though not so strange when you realize that it’s the same producer, David Eick. In fact in a few scenes I noticed sets used in Battlestar, including Starbuck’s apartment.

Does the show deserve to be saved? Maybe. Should the remaining episodes be on DVD? Definitely. It’s an entertaining show that doesn’t expect a lot from the audience, it is what it is, fun entertainment.

Jon Jordan
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