DVD Review: Boston Legal season 3.

Boston Legal Season Three
Fox Home Entertainment

DENNY CRANE!!! I love Denny Crane. I also love everyone else on this show. David Kelly is either a direct hit or a major miss with me, and with Boston Legal he’s definitely hit this one out of the park. He manages to create a show that is funny, sarcastic, political and dramatic. It’s not overtly deep drama, just enough to keep you watching, so it doesn’t get bogged down like some night time soaps do (ER, NYPD Blue) It’s just damn good entertainment.

This season has great guest stars including a wonderful performance from Delta Burke, who is normally not a favorite of mine, though here she shined. We also see some cast additions which work well for the show. My favorite is the on again off again romance Denny has with a dwarf. Continuing plot lines add to the shows depth, but you can definitely enjoy each episode on it’s own as well. This season has it all, marriage, romance, babies, men in drag. And as always the end of each episode with Spader and Shatner is always my favorite.

What do I want more of on TV? DENNY CRANE!!!!

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