DVD Review: BURN NOTICE – Season Five

Fox Home Entertainment
Release date: June 5th, 2012

If you are reading this review I’m going to assume you’ve seen at least some episodes of Burn Notice and are familiar with the back story of Michael Westin and his band of merry ex-spooks helping those in need.

We open this season with Michael back with the CIA, if only as a consultant. The fact that he was burned is now something the CIA wants to get to the bottom of and they are working on it. While they do that they ask Michael to do a series of jobs in the Florida area around Miami. We also have the kind of cases they normally work as Sam and Jesse bring jobs that need the team on them, stalkers, kidnapped kids, the usual fun stuff.

The ongoing bit is Michael finally learns who the one man behind everything is and while trying to prove it has to actually work with him or risk Fiona going to jail. The bad guy is a CIA psychiatrist and wants to play games with Michael, as a result we get a little more back story on the family Westin. Michael’s mother is also working more cases with them and my favorite of these was one with a hostage situation at a private airport, his Mom is actually not a bad operative. We also have a nice episode with the woman Sam helped out in his solo movie that took place down in south America.

It’s a great season with the action we’ve come to expect and love to see. Lots of stuff blowing up and lots of challenges for the crew, but they always manage to get the job done and the good guys always win. The show manages to grow a bit each season and Michael being burned and stuck in Miami originally seemed like a limited premise, but they have proved that it works and can be fresh.