DVD Review: CALLAN: Set Two

Acorn Media
Release date: January 26, 2010
MSRP: $59.99

Stars: Edward Woodward, William Squire, Geoffrey Chater

The late Edward Woodward stars as Callan, an assassin for The Section, a British government agency. Callan is no simple cold blooded killer, but he is also hardly your typical protagonist. Years of service have taken their toll as he struggles to survive not just on the job, but within the organization. One mistake and this valuable asset could become a liability.

This time around, Callan has just gotten out of a Soviet prison and wants to walk away. But, as I said, his former employers could turn on him in the blink of an eye. He ends up getting a promotion of sorts, something he is less than thrilled about. This promotion is not the result of a job well done, as inner organization politics are behind it. Staying alive in his new position could be more difficult than
Woodward is excellent here, playing a role that almost certainly at least partially inspired THE EQUALIZER. One could imagine Callan, years later, regretting his choices in life and looking to make amends. I have really enjoyed both sets of CALLAN and recommend them to fans of cold war thrillers.

This set also contains a couple of commentary tracks featuring Woodward. As a relative newbie to the series, I found them informative and worth listening to.

Order set two of CALLAN.

Jeremy Lynch