DVD Review: CASTLE – Season two

Buena Vista Home Entertainment
Release date: Sept 21, 2010
MSRP: $45.99

For those that are unfamilar with the show, Rick Castle is a crime writer
with a severe case of arrested development. He is wildy famous and uses his conections with the Mayor to get permission to trail homicide detective Kate Becket around for research. He bases his new character, Nikki Heat, on Becket, much to her consternation. And while Castle drives her nuts, she is secretly a big fan of his books. They exchange barbs while fighting crimes.

At times, CASTLE seriously tests my ability to suspend my disbelief. In BOOM!, we see Becket survive a bomb explosion by hiding in the bathtub. Does not sound too bad, does it? But when Rick enters the buring apartment, they stop to partake in some witty banter. The damn building is burning and they are chatting. Minutes later, they are told they can go up and examine the scene. Yes, they enter a burned out apartment just after the fire is put out. Utter rubbish. I don’t expect total realism, but at least make some effort!

But Nathon Fillion’s charisma is a fiercely powerful thing and the relationship between the cast is good. It is their personalities (and Nathon’s powerful charisma) that makes Castle so much fun. The charm is dependable enough that you know what you are getting each time around. I
would not call it must see TV, but Castle is fun enough to waste away the
day with.

Order season two of CASTLE.

Jeremy Lynch