Chips Season One DVD Review

It was bound to happen sooner or later. Someone in California was looking through stacks (or shelves or what ever they use for storage) and came across “CHiPs” and decided that this is television that needed to be out on DVD.

I think it was pretty obvious from the start that neither Eric Estrade or Larry Wilcox would be making the leap from TV to the big screen as leading men. However, television being what it was in the late 1970’s they were just ight for a network cop show. They were always happy and smiling, lighthearted but serious when they needed to be. The supporting cast including Robert Pine was about the same caliber talent wise.

The idea behind the show was solid, compared to the wacky adventures of Charlie’s Angels, these guys were hardcore. I can just imagine what this show would be like if it were done today.

But I digress. This is a show of the late ’70’s. It was brain candy for the masses who had three networks to choose from and no cable. It was fun. Watching it again gives a bit of a nostalgic twing, though for me the show doesn’t hold up well. I think a big part of that is in the time since it first aired I’ve seen what television can really do. Homicide, The Shield. NCIS, The Closer, Criminal Minds and more have really taken procedurals on televsion to a new level.

So while most people won’t rush out to get this, I think anyone with kids should get it. It is definitly family freindly in a way The Shield will never be.

The first season has some extra features including Police tips from Ponch!, trivia and a featurette. All feature Erik Estrada who kindly took time from his busy schedule to do these for the DVD.

The show was put together by:


  • Creator: Rick Rosner
  • Executive Producers: Rick Rosner, Cy Chermak
  • Supervising Producer: Paul Mason
  • Producers: Rick Rosner, Cy Chermak, Ric Randall, William D. Gordon, James Doherty
  • Directors: Michael Caffey, Bruce Kessler, Earl Bellamy, Phil Bondelli, Leslie H Martinson, Chuck Bail, Barry Crane, Robert Pine, John Astin, Richard Colla, Richard Irving, Winrich Kolbe, Nicholas Sgarro, Paul Krasney, Christian I Nyby II, Edward Abroms, Georg Fenady, John Florea, Don McDougall, Larry Wilcox, Don Weis, Gordon Hessler
  • Music: Billy May, John Parker, Mike Post, Pete Carpenter, Alan Silvestri, Luchi DeJesus
  • “CHiPs” Theme: John Parker
  • Music Supervision: Harry Lojewsk