DVD Review: CHUCK: The Complete Fourth Season

Warner Home Video
Release date: October 11, 2011
MSRP: $59.98

This show has really evolved since its first season. Shows with staying power are able to grow and to keep from being limited by the one hook that was present when it started. With Chuck the hook was an everyday guy becoming a spy thanks to a thing called the intersect which allowed him to access a computer worth of new brain power when he needs it. They very soon moved on beyond that and the show has been able to grow as a result.

In Season 4 Chuck is a full-fledged spy who doesn’t need rely only on the intersect to do his job, he has skills of his own to also employ. The relationship tension is gone now that he and agent Sarah are actually a couple. His other relationships are now more solid as well. This is aided by the fact that most of the side characters are now used as more than comic relief.

The main thrust of season four is taking down an international crimelord. Chuck’s mom was working the same case when she disappeared all those years ago and so we finally get to meet mom who is played by Linda Hamilton. Towards the end of the season we have the added tension of an impending wedding and Chuck’s sister giving birth.

There are a lot of great guest stars this season including Timothy Dalton, Steve Austin, John Larroquette, Armand Assante, Gary Cole and Robert Englund. Many of these folks are revising roles from earlier appearances.Zachary Levi has also grown as an actor and is great with comedy/drama. And what I really enjoyed was by the end of the season when it seems like they have nowhere new to go, no place for more growth, they introduce a new idea that will let them continue with a fresh take on the show next season. Fun viewing and solid entertainment throughout.