DVD Review: Criminal Minds season 2

I always thought Criminal Minds (CBS/ Paramount) was a decent show. It never made my ‘gotta see it’ list, but if I spun by and it was on, I would usually watch. So when the opportunity to review season 2 came up I said; ‘Sure, it’s a decent show.’

Having gone through the six disc set always watching two or more episodes I now think it is way better than decent. Character development was a priority this season according to the special features and it shows. The more I got to know them the more I liked them.

For those of you who may not know. they are a team of FBI profilers, spending their time trying to get into the heads of seriously whacked criminals by loaning themselves out to local law enforcement if they request them.

Headed by Mandy Patinkins’ Jason Gide! on, always to my eyes the strongest character, the rest of the cast has grown on me in a very pleasant, comfortable way. Especially Garcia (Kirsten Vangsness) computer goddess and brassy broad of the first water. She is a hoot.

The stories are strong and on occasion way above. Keith Carridine appears in two very good episodes playing the most prolific serial killer in history. Hand me that blanket chilling.

The rest of the cast is stock but very nicely handled from genius/geek Dr. Reid (Matthew Grey Gubler) to the buttoned down Aaron Hotchner (Thomas Gibson).

Patinkin left the show after this season and there was a rumored replacement. I have watched this year and he is not in evidence (no pun etc.). As I mentioned, the Gideon character was very strong, almost as if he held the teams humanity as he would their coats as they crawled into a hole. Gibson has stepped up and is doing a nice job so far, but time will tell if the loss can be compensated! for.

Criminal Minds, an odd show best taken in large doses. I’ ve come to like it a great deal.

The special features are,,,dare I say…decent if a little thin. Season 2 is a good one. I hope it’s not the last.

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