DVD Review: Da Vinci’s Inquest: season three

Acorn Media

4 DVD Set containing 13 episodes – Approx. 585 min.
SRP $59.95
Stars: Nicholas Campbell, Ian Tracey and Donnelly Rhodes

Season three of Da Vinci’s Inquest is a bittersweet treat for me. After two seasons, I have come to love the characters and savor the time spent with them, but many of the things I love about the show have faded away over time.

If you read my review for season one, I voiced my appreciation for the dynamics of the characters and the secondary plotlines that showed us who they were.

I also liked the fact that this was not a straightforward cop show.

Well, this season finds the personal storylines almost completely gone. This season also features stories that focus far more on the police instead of the wider cast of the previous seasons.

This is not all bad, as Detectives Leo Shannon (Donnelly Rhodes) and Detective Mick Leary (Ian Tracey) work well together and have definite chemistry.

But Da Vinci’s relationship with his ex-wife, a pathologist he works with, and daughter, as well as his on-going battle with his alcoholism, is almost completely gone.

I think the character of Dominick Da Vinci is one of the more interesting ones I have come across on television and watering him down is a real tragedy.

But despite these issues, Da Vinci’s Inquest remains a good a show. The cast is still excellent and at this point, many of them have made their characters their own and, after working together for three seasons, the overall chemistry of said cast is very good.

For extras, we get a short interview with Donnelly Rhodes (Leo) in which he talks about his role and the show overall. We also get a piece entitled Behind the Scenes in Vancouver. This runs a little over five minutes and has the cast and crew talking about the city and how it’s importance to the series.

Also included is a photo gallery, a bio of creator Chris Haddock and cast filmographies.
Despite my previously stated frustrations, season three of Da Vinci’s Inquest remains a good show, and season three has some excellent stories that make it more that worth the price of this set.

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Jeremy Lynch
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