Dangerous Crossing – DVD Review

I found Dangerous Crossing (20th Century Fox) surprisingly engaging, with good performances by Jeanne Crain and Michael Rennie, he probably best known for the Sci-Fi classic The Day the Earth Stood Still.

The plot is simple enough: New Bride Ruth Bowman come aboard ship for a honeymoon trip with her husband John (Carl Betz). He has some business to attend to and will meet her in the bar in fifteen minutes. Fifteen minutes comes and goes several times and no John. Back to the cabin which is empty and unbooked this trip, her bags in a single a couple doors down. No one remembers seeing John and he is not listed as a passenger. He has her ticket and passport. Yeah, I know they would have dumped her on the dock like a sack of mail but play along. ! Captain is afraid he has a nut job on his hands and drops her on the ships Doctor played by Rennie, who seems to be concerned or maybe just warm for the pretty lady. A midnight call from John saying he is in hiding and they are both in terrible danger sends things spiraling more out of control. Who is she? Who and where is John. Who, if anyone, can be trusted. And just what the hell is going on?

This is one of the better of this style mystery I’ve seen and if this is your cup of hemlock give Dangerous Crossing a look.

The special commentary is done by film historian Aubrey Solomon and has quite a bit on the careers of the principles and the studio.

Lee Crawford
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