DVD Review: DETROIT 1-8-7: The Complete First Season

Release date: Aug 30, 2011
MSRP: $29.98

Stars: Michael Imperioli, Jon Michael Hill, Erin Cummings, James McDaniel, Shaun Majumder

If you missed this one you missed a good one people. Most go for gritty, this one made it. You kinda wanted to wash your hands after an episode.The charecters were different, quirky but not wacky. Michael Imperioli’s Detective Louis Fitch is maybe the best Police representation I’ve seen since The Wire. Yeah, it’s that real. And I could sing his praises for most of the review without strain (on me. Maybe on you and my Editor).

Aisha Hinds as Lieutenant Maureen Mason does tough woman as well and maybe better than anyone I’ve seen. She can say a ton with an expression and zero dialogue and if a brawl broke out in the Squad Room I wouldn’t bet against her being last cop standing. She makes some hard guys toe the line and why she hasn’t broken Fitch’s jaw is a wonder. Same with Jon Michael Hill playing Detective Damon Washington who has the good/bad luck to be assigned as Fitchs new partner. When the guy showing you the ropes uses his cell to call you when you are in the same room, it would tend to give you pause. Still he recognizes Fitch knows his onions so he bites the bullet, in more ways than one.

James McDaniel (Sergeant Jesse Longford) was for me a pleasent surprise, displaying acting chops denied him on NYPD Blue (he was the Captain) as the part was of a stiffer type. Longford is close to retirement and more laid back and the pairing with Shaun Majumder’s Detective Vikram Mahajan gives you chemistry to burn. They like each other but sometimes lay the lash to one another with the level of caring shining through. I like it.

Am I disappointed Detroit 187 has bit the big one (you’d think I’d be used to it by now)? Yeah I am. I was going to say I wish one of the cable networks would pick it up but with free rein 187 might be to damn much. I would be willing to find out.

Well worth a look. If you think another cop show would make you queasy, think again.

Lee Crawford