DVD Review: DEXTER The Complete Sixth Season

Paramount Home Entertainment
Release date: August 14th, 2012

This is one of my favorite seasons of this show. We see a lot of progression with characters and the main story line, or killer for the season, is wonderfully macabre.

Dexter is settling into his role as a Father and seems to have things under control. He has a nanny, Detective Batiste’s sister, and his job is doing well. His sister also gets a promotion which adds a very fun new element to the show.

The killers Dexter is hunting this time around are played by Colin Hanks and Edward James Olmos. I loved seeing Olmos back in Miami! What really got me going was the theme of the killings. I am a sucker for religious overtones when done well and the killers (dubbed the doomsday killers) here are awesome. They want to bring about the end of the world by recreating scenes from the Bible leading up to the End times in the book of revelations. The visualization of these killing was striking and shocking, but also strangely compelling. There are also a few real nice twists along the way and I watched the whole season in one sitting, no joke. I could not stop watching.

The last few season were good but seemed a little repetitive, this latest season is fresh and strong. I can’t wait for more!

My only complaint is more a formatting thing. I hate having to sit through promos and Showtime runs a commercial at the beginning of each disc. I also hate not being able to pop the skip button and jump to the end of the opening credits. I also don’t consider episodes of other Showtime shows to be special features, they are a lure to get us to buy more so just call them what they are. These problems in no way stopped me from loving every minute of Season Six of Dexter.