DVD Review: Disturbia

Disturbia is Rear Window with teens. Does this mean it’s a bad film? No, it’s pretty well done. Shia LaBeouf (Transformers) plays an appealing doufus as Kale, who, not quite his usual self after the death of his father ,whacks a Spanish Teacher getting slapped under house arrest (in place of Jimmy Stewarts broken leg).

The Grace Kelly part is played by Sarah Roemer. As a kindness to Ms.Roemer I will not compare them. Suffice it to say she comes off most of the time as a recent graduate of Madonna’s’ School for Sluts. When she is allowed to act, as in her garage scene with David Morse, she is more than good. I blame the Director, D.J. Caruso, who in the specials displays an age about equal with his young stars. Stick to storytelling D.J. you do that well. Throttle back on the titillation.

As to the above mentioned David Morse, I am about to warble his praises yet again. He has found a niche in villainy and is outrageously good. His performance alone make this well worth viewing. No ranting. No histrionics. Yet so chilling you feel you may wet yourself. This guy is maybe the best I’ve ever seen.

It is a little disconcerting to see Trinity of The Matrix (Carrie-Ann Moss) as someone’s mother, but she carries it off quite nicely.

A word about Hollyweird happy endings; Stop. I dare not elaborate, but if you see it you’ll know. The David Morse character is not a fool and this oversight would make him one.

The Specials are standard fare. The commentary by Director and young stars has its moments with the complexity of movie magic. There are deleted scenes, outtakes, serial pursuit trivia pop-up quiz and a music video.

Not a bad slant on an old classic.
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