DVD Review: DNa series one and two

Acorn Media
2 DVDs with 5 episodes – Approx. 344 min
SRP: $39.99

Stars: Tom Conti, Samantha Bond, Ryan Cartwright

I have come to expect pleasant offerings from Acorn Media, as often as not in a lighter vein. Such expectations did not prepare me for DNa starring Tom Conti, a sort of British CSI with less procedure and more character drive. This is one artfully crafted. wonderfully acted piece of drama that hits like a sixties encounter bat, a canvas and foam implement for beating the snot out of your significant other without doing any actual damage. Think adult pillow fight. And DNa has plenty of impact. Every time you are sure you know where it’s going it whacks you again. Delightfully. This short series is a treat with a capital T. And Conti is perfectly cast as Joseph Donovan, former forensic expert whose last case literally drove him nuts.

Now a successful writer, he is called in to consult on a case very like the one that sent him round the bay. Think you see where it’s going don’t you? Well you’re wrong. This is no study in angst and soul searching via our hero. In fact our hero may be a suspect. Our hero looks damn good as the villain. There are twists, turns, serpentines and zags to keep this humming along without seeming rushed or descending into much darkness. It is a mystery with all that implies.

The set includes series one and two, where he is now head of forensics and is three shorter stories whereas one has one tale in two parts. The three shorter pieces are first rate in their own right and would have earned a good review by themselves, but for my money season one is the jewel in this crown. If you are looking for something very different in your mysteries, this is them. If you’re not surprised I’ll be surprised.

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Lee Crawford