DVD Review: DOLLHOUSE – The Complete Season Two

Fox Home Entertaiment Release date: October 12, 2010
MSRP: $49.98
Extras: Audio Commentary on ‘Vows’ by Joss Whedon
Audio Commentary on ‘Belonging’ by Jed Whedon and Maurissa Tancharoen
Deleted Scenes
Defining Moments
Looking Back

Stars: Eliza Dushku, Harry Lennix, Fran Kranz, Tahmoh Penikett, Enver Gjokaj, Dichen Lachman

Dollhouse season two is, for my money, the best of it. The episodes were by and large strong and it had Alan Tudyk as Alpha the bad/good genius serial killer doll acting all over the place and obviously relishing it. Worth the price of admission alone.

The starcrossed Joss Whedon outing started too slow for the crowd (me too) but hotted up and stayed that way mostly from midpoint season one and went out with a bang and a half. Perfectly sculpted? Ah no, but good enough to surprise and get your pulse up just a bit. Eliza Dushkus Echo/Caroline was the pivotal one we followed most closely and she was aided by some strong charecters along the way, like Summer Glaus villianette Bennett Halverson. So cold and just bad it seems only right she get her just desserts.

I touched on most of the principals in my first review so I won’t belabor the points. I will repeat myself (and who deserves it more?) that this is a cautionary tale. Just because we can do it doesn’t mean we should. We may not be held accountable. But what if we are?

Lee Crawford