Fox Home Entertainment
Release date: Jul 26, 2011
MSRP: $22.98

Based on a graphic novel by Italian comics creator Tiziano Sclavi (Which was collected and translated by Dark Horse Comics) Dylan Dog is best described as a supernatural PI story. I don’t think the movie got much action in the theaters, but truthfully I think it will do well on DVD.

Brandon Routh stars as Dylan Dog PI and the movie opens with him dealing with the aftermath of a divorce related case. He has become the kind of scummy PI people joke about. We soon discover that he was once the go to guy for all things supernatural in New Orleans but after his girlfriend is killed he has taken to drinking and sworn off those kind of cases. A
local professor is killed and his daughter comes to him because something was stolen during the murder. The professor was an expert on things that go bump in the night and he had an item that could prove dangerous to werewolves and vampires and the like. If someone has this they could cause some real problems. Dylan has a side kick who is a little gung ho, he is also undead, most likely a zombie. Falling into his old haunts Dylan confronts his past and eventually once again embraces who he really is while solving the murder and robbery.

I was not a fan of Routh in the Superman Returns movie, however I enjoyed him on Chuck and I thought he did a great job here playing the hardbolied PI. I also really enjoyed Sam Huntington as his sidekick. The move moves quickly and has enough humor thrown in to keep it from getting to heavy and not so much that it becomes silly. The plot actually works really nicely and though there are times when things are
explained a bit too much, it is a prefect first movie if this does indeed become a franchise, which I would enjoy. I’d love to see Routh in this role again. A fun movie and worth picking up.

Jon Jordan