Acorn Media
release date: September 29, 2009
MSRP: $149.99

I have always meant to watch FOYLE’s WAR, really I have. For a couple of previous releases, I had every intention of doing reviews, but always got distracted by something shiny. So when Acorn Media sent the complete series (thus far), I made a commitment to sit down and check out Mr. Foyle’s adventures in WW II.

Damn good thing I did because FW is a hell of a good show!

Michael Kitchen stars as Chief Superintendent Christopher Foyle. Foyle finds himself stuck at home during the war, but is kept plenty busy with murders, black-marketeers and other illegal activities. He wanted to join the armed forces, but had his app turned down. To soften the blow, he is given a driver (Folye does not drive) in Samantha Stewart and a sidekick in Sgt. Paul Milner. Milner lost his leg in the war and finds his life restarted when Foyle brings him on board.

This set contains the first five series and cover the entire war. Make no mistake, FW is a crime series, but it also gives us a fascinating look at the U.K. during WW 2. This captivated me as much as the mysteries, which are pretty good.

Foyle’s War , while not actually a war show, uses the backdrop of war torn England to excellent effect. It helps the show stand out from the numerous police shows that have popped up over the ages and gives it a fairly large amount of material to use.

Extras include text production notes on the stories as well as historical information. In addition, there are interviews with show creator Anthony Horowitz and cast members Anthony Howell and Honeysuckle Weeks. Also included are photo galleries and filmographies of the cast.

Fans of British police dramas will certainly have fun and be sucked into Foyle’s world in no time. Not only do I recommend this set, but I eagerly await the next season/series.

Order volumes 1 through 5 of FOYLE’S WAR.

Jeremy Lynch
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