DVD Review: FOYLE’S WAR: Set Six

Acorn Media
Release date: June 1st, 2010
MSRP: $49.99

Michael Kitchen stars as Chief Superintendent Christopher Foyle. Foyle finds himself stuck at home during the war, but is kept plenty busy with murders, black-marketeers and other illegal activities. He wanted to join the armed forces, but had his app turned down. He has spent the war policing the town of Hastings and, as the war comes to an end, is now looking to leave his job behind. Alas, best laid plans of mice and men and all that rot…he sticks around for a while.

The three stories in this set cover the summer of 1945.The Russian House (June 1945) has Foyle tracking an escaped Russian POW. Whiling doing this, he finds himself in conflict with his former protoge Paul Milner, now a deputy inspector. Killing Time (July 1945) looks at racial issues as African-American soliders return home. The Hide (Aug 45) has Milner investigating the murder of a young lady with Foyle examines the case of an accused traitor that is making no attempt to defend himself. Throughout the course of the series, FW has taken great pains to be historically accurate and to properly reflect the issues and moods of the times. This continues to be the case here as we see the chaos that the end of the war brings. For years, there were certain rules in place and now there comes great changes as England, and the world, prepares for a new era of peace.

Fans of British police dramas will certainly have fun and be sucked into Foyle’s world in no time. This collection has only just aired in England so this is the first chance Americans.

Order set six of FOYLE’S WAR.

Jeremy Lynch