DVD Review: FRIDAY THE 13TH: THE SERIES: The second season.

Paramount Home Entertainment
Release date: February 10, 2009
MSRP: $49.99

Stars: John D. LeMay, Louise Robey,Chris Wiggins

Lewis Vendredi dealt in antiques…antiques that were cursed by the devil, with whom Lewis had a deal. These items would benefit those that possessed them, but usually at the cost of an innocent life. After years of a mutually beneficial relationship, Lewis decides he wants out of the deal. Not surprisingly, Lewis soon passes away.

Upon inheriting Uncle Lewis’s shop, Mikki and Ryan have a huge sale, with can’t miss prices, and pretty much damn the masses.

After a time, they are visited by Jack Marshak, a stage magician and expert on the occult. It seems that Mr. Jack supplied some of the items to Louis, not knowing what was happening. Jack, Mikki and Ryan agree to work together to recover the items. Because these items bestow powers and good fortune, the new owners are understandably reluctant to give them up, so recovering each is an adventure. Using Uncle’s sales registry, Mikki, Ryan and Jack set out to track down the owners and recovered these malevolent trinkets.

I was very interested in how I would react to season two. I knew that nostalgia colored my review of season one, so I was curious to see how season two would hold up. Honestly, it is better than the first. The strength of the stories really stands out here.

One of my favs here is The Playhouse. A playhouse takes care of a pair of neglected youth while snacking on various children the brother and sister lure in. Not a bad idea, it certainly could help both the homeless and take care of our population problem.

Now the negatives: Like last time, the video and audio quality is mediocre at best. It is almost as though these were transferred from a bunch of VHS tapes. Also like last time, there are no extras.

Paramount, would it have KILLED you to spend a little coin on restoration and a few measly extras? Show us a little love here!

Perhaps the best move would have been to arrange a deal with Shout! Factory or another company that specializes in cult classics. Don’t get me wrong, I appreciate this being available, but the picture quality and lack of extras makes it less than ideal.

That said, season two is an impressive one, fans of horror/supernatural suspense will have a blast with the tales spun here. I heartily recommend this set.

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Jeremy Lynch
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