DVD Review: FRINGE – Season Two

Warner Home Video
Release date: Sept 14, 2010
MSRP: DVD: $59.98, Blu-ray: $69.97

Walter, Peter, Olivia and company return for a second season. While the
first season focused on them trying to figure out what was happening, and
discovering that there was indeed an alternate Earth (Well, some already
knew this), the second season saw them engaging the enemy here on our Earth.

Season two also saw more details revealed about the past of Walter and
Peter. For me, the heart of FRINGE is Walter and Peter and their relationship. Early on, they became closer than ever before, only to have a huge skeleton from the past come to light. One that will forever change
things between them.. I said that Peter and Walter are the heart for  me,
but it looks like the powers that be felt that way as well because Olivia’s role lessened in the latter part of season two. She certainly is still a regular, but it now feels more like a three person show and, at times, the Bishop family even overshadowed her.

FRINGE is a fantastic show. It mixes sci-fi with police procedural as well
as offering up, in Peter and Walter, some of the most interesting characters on television today. John Noble deserved an Emmy nomination for his portrayal of the brilliant, yet confused, scientist whose past will forever haunt him. He provides comic relief one moment, then fills our souls with sorrow the next.

The Mythology of Fringe
Fringe: Analyzing the Scene sidebars on six key episodes
In the Lab with John Noble and Prop Master Rob Smith
Unusual Side Effects gag reel
Dissected Files unaired scenes.

I can’t recommend FRINGE enough. Definitely MUST SEE television for me.

Order season two of FRINGE.
Jeremy Lynch